Sample reports for asset search investigations are available upon request. These reports reflect the breadth of our capabilities, the depth of our analysis, and the quality of our work.

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Sample reports for comprehensive asset searches (personal and business) include an overview of our financial account searches, in addition to business interests, real property, etc. Comprehensive asset searches are commonly conducted for judgment enforcement. By comparison, pre-litigation assessments of potential defendants are more limited in scope and typically exclude financial accounts. If you are not certain which type of investigation you require, let us know and we would be glad to discuss.


In the courtroom, it pays to be prepared. Our asset search investigation reports are clear, comprehensive and supported by an extensive appendix of source documents.

Hudson Intelligence - Investigative Report

We conduct every asset search – and prepare every investigative report – with the expectation that the material may be entered into evidence in a court proceeding. We stand behind our work – and stand ready to support our clients at trial as expert and fact witnesses.

The results of our asset searches are accurate, reliable and backed by decades of professional investigative experience.