Hudson Intelligence provides investigative support to locate assets and trace funds for court-appointed receivers and trustees.

We have extensive experience in identifying assets and avoidable transfers to maximize recovery for victims of Ponzi schemes and fraudulent investment schemes.

Our investigators work closely with the receiver and their legal team to conduct asset searches of individuals and corporate entities throughout the U.S. and internationally.


Asset Search for State and Federal Receivers

Receivers appointed during court actions against large-scale investment frauds and Ponzi schemes can be effective advocates for defrauded investors and creditors. Receivers are relied upon to efficiently wind-down insolvent firms and failed institutions. If substantial funds have been dissipated, concealed or misappropriated, the receiver may benefit from expert investigative assistance to locate assets for recovery and restitution.

Investigation can be conducted to identify off-balance-sheet and undisclosed assets, including property acquired by principals, hidden in foreign jurisdictions, or titled to special-purpose entities. Investigators can also trace beneficial transfers and assets acquired by other parties, such as family members and employees, which can potentially be unwound by clawback action and court order.

Case Study: Investigative Support for SEC Receivership

Below is a brief overview of our recent casework on behalf of a federal receiver appointed in a civil enforcement action by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • Hudson Intelligence successfully located more than $200 million in total assets, accounts, and property transfers involving diverse parties in an international investment fraud scheme.

  • The founder of the failed firm had been convicted of conspiracy, wire fraud, and mail fraud in a parallel criminal proceeding. Yet the majority of illicit proceeds from the Ponzi scheme were still missing.

  • The scope of asset discovery by Hudson Intelligence included investigation of more than 50 participants and beneficiaries of the fraud scheme.

  • Beyond the basics of bank accounts and real property, the investigation identified many millions held in brokerage portfolios, business entities, foreign affiliates, personal trusts, family estates, yachts, airplanes, and alternative asset classes.

  • To identify avoidable transfers, Hudson Intelligence traced acquisitions and conveyances across webs of shell corporations and special-purpose entities throughout the United States and internationally.

  • The financial relationships between primary subjects and their close associates and relatives were explored and mapped as pathways for misappropriated assets.

  • Every investigative report was backed by an extensive appendix of source documents. Altogether the investigation produced more than 15,000 pages of documentary evidence, which were scanned, organized and compiled in searchable format.

The investigative findings supported efforts of the federal receiver to pursue claims against the involved parties, providing actionable insights for maximum settlements on behalf of thousands of defrauded investors in a major international Ponzi scheme.

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