Hudson Intelligence provides asset searches for judgment collection, litigation, probate, divorce, due diligence, and financial restitution from fraudulent schemes.

We locate assets in all 50 states and internationally for law firms, financial institutions, government agencies and private clients.

Locate accounts and assets nationwide for judgment enforcement against individuals and businesses.

A detailed financial dossier on defendants with insights for successful litigation and settlement strategy.

Remove uncertainty from probate administration with a professional investigation to locate estate assets.

Identify foreign and offshore holdings for due diligence, debt collection and legal proceedings.

Discover if the other side in a divorce proceeding has failed to fully disclose their accounts and assets.

Identify corporate and business holdings for contract disputes, due diligence, litigation and judgment.

Increase transparency on foreign assets in offshore jurisdictions and Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Investigative assistance for state and federal receivers to maximize recovery for defrauded investors and creditors.

Locate bank accounts, brokerage portfolios, retirement accounts and other assets.

Bank Accounts • Brokerage Portfolios • Retirement Accounts • Mutual Funds • Real Property • Business Interests • Company Pension, Benefit and Profit-Sharing Plans • Industrial Equipment • Intangible Assets • Trusts and Estates • Insurance • Vehicles • Boats • Airplanes • Offshore Accounts • Fraudulent Transfers & Conveyances

John Powers, Private Investigator and Asset Search Expert

Hudson Intelligence is led by John Powers, a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) with more than 20 years experience in corporate intelligence and private investigation. Our investigators have successfully located more than $300 million in total assets.

Asset Search - Client Testimonial

"From the start, John Powers and his team at Hudson Intelligence were extremely professional, properly set expectations, explained their capabilities, and always delivered exactly as promised and in the time frame stated.

The final report was thorough and well prepared. Hudson Intelligence added significant value to our legal team."

Donald A. Jordan, Ocean Advisory & Consulting


Deeper than Databases

A database search isn't an asset search. It is only a starting point. Successful and comprehensive asset discovery relies on a wide range of methods and resources. It requires experience, persistence and – most importantly – insight.

Complex Casework

We have coordinated investigations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Attorney's Office, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).



Featured Articles on Asset Searches &
Financial Investigations

Our investigators have been featured in Wired, Huffington Post, AOL Finance, Fraud Magazine,, Reuters Legal and The Business Times. We share investigative insights, case studies and best practices for asset searches and financial investigations.


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